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Sprinter Accessories on the sprinter page!


Happy Holidays from Terrawagen!

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Mercedes-Benz just released their new mini van called the "Metris" in October. Terrawagen is working on a few accessories for the Metris stay tuned!

Vanagon News:

We're building a Vanagon race car!

Partnering with Burley Motorsports and a few other vendors, we plan to have it ready for the 24 hours of LeMons Infineon / Sears point race on Feb 13-14  2016   

New Products!

Alignment studs help you install wheels on your Sprinter / Vanagon / Transporter and G-wagen by supporting the wheel so you can easily thread the other wheel bolts.

Sprinter trailer brake connector plug, If you're adding a trailer brake controller to your Sprinter, do it right with our connector kit.

Soft shackle is now available on the products page.  Ditch those heavy metal shackles and carry one of these on your belt loop! Did I mention they float?

Yes it does seem we have a fixation about orange things. We found a deflator that stands apart from all the others out there. We use this one exclusively on our own trail rigs, from the Unimogs to the Syncro's, if you want to deflate quick and accurately this is it.

Find these , and our Vanagon / Transporter speedo and tachometer Trim rings on the products page.

Vendor news!

Check the contact page for a list of vendors that carry Terrawagen products.

International buyers news!

We understand how costly it can be to ship overseas and we want to help.  We are offering a flat fee of $45 any where in the world!  That's more than 50% off for some countries.  This is a limited time offer, Take advantage!


Install video located on the "video" page.
Extended Hinge...
We're the only ones in the USA offering an extended hinge for those Vanagon owners that are running wider rear tires.
The hinge pushes the slider door out an extra 2 inches.  Modification to the slider track required and some welding. We offer installation in the Portland area, just ask!





Our secret club house was found by a member of "Old parked cars" dot com.


If you haven't seen this web site, you really should. It's choked full of really interesting vehicles.  The photographer Ben Piff has a great eye for those small details that most never see.  The fun part for me personally, is trying to figure out what neighborhoods these cars are located.  Bookmark it !


    Old parked






Mercedes G-Wagen accessories

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City of rocks Idaho

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Sprinter fender armor

Terrawagen Sprinter flares

NEW! Sprinter fender Armor is here!

Terrawagen Sprinter flares

NEW!  Terrawagen EZ Deflators

Terrawagen EZ deflators

NEW!  Gauge Trim Rings

Terrawagen Trim rings

TerraPods in stock

ready to ship!